This is the face behind Q & M NEEDLEWORK, Melanie Kelly.


I was born and raised in Germany, but now my home is wherever it takes us, literally. I did not expect my life to make such a big career turn. I am a certified Event Manager and traveled to Dubai to gain experience in that field, well or just to enjoy the awesome social life. A few years later, now on the side of a supporting husband and a pretty little daughter, we found ourselves again on the Cyprus. Yes, we do like to travel ;-). Oh boy was the job situation terrible in this country. I do not speak Greek or Russian, so employment was highly unlikely. So now what? Yeah, that was the exact same question my mum asked me. 


Well, I brought all my favorite toys along with know, sewing machine,

a home embroidery machine and later collected a few more machines. So I turned my hobby into a business. Sure, it is a lot different from what I have learned and certainly required a lot more learning-by-doing and hours of research and watching tutorials, but when you have the passion for your hobby, you will make it work with all your heart.




For those who are interested in the embroideries on my website. I do digitizing work upon request, which basically means turning a graphic/image into readable data for the machine. Some (or shall I say most) of the embroidery designs are purchased from my favorite websites and 

Credits for the artwork used on my website

I try to use as many pictures as possible from my own collection but I do like to brows on for seasonal images, sales cards and other graphic files.