Bespoke items - custom made for you

Bespoke items are a lot different from the personalized items I offer. These items are custom made from start to finish.


Just to explain the process a bit more....e.g. you are looking for a book cover made with a motif* of your choice embroidered on it, you would send me an email of all specifications (e.g. book size, color of the cover) and the picture* and you will receive a quote for the desired item. I will then start digitizing your image and design the whole item for you. Ta-daa ;-)



Here is your opportunity to send me an email with your awesome idea.


Right this way...

Custom Made - Gallery

Here is a little gallery of my products especially made upon request. The gallery shows how diverse the items can be. The most popular items are shown below and of course the big flag with a 35 cm by 35 cm embroidery design. 

* Pictures provided should not violate any copyrights (e.g. Disney motifs, Star Wars and other well know brands). Please note I wont be able to create items with those motifs, logos or other designs. 

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